The Top 6 Ways a Hot Tub Can Improve Your Emotional Wellness

Intentionally caring for yourself can improve emotional wellness.

Life can sometimes be straining. As pressures pile up, finding joy isn’t always easy. But if you have a home hot tub, daily soaks can offer ways to center yourself. Spending just 15 minutes in your spa every morning or night can allow you to soothe yourself emotionally and bring positivity into your life.

Here are six ways a hot tub can help improve emotional wellness.


The people around us are what make life wonderful. But sometimes, in order to appreciate them, we need time to ourselves. In our busy lives, however, that time can be hard to find. Most of us can’t go on vacation every month, after all.

With a home hot tub located just outside your back door or even inside your home, you can easily make the time you need to get away to your own private paradise. You can disconnect from emails, texts, and phone calls to meditate or just listen to the sounds of nature or your favorite soothing music. Being able to relax in the warm water of your spa when the mood strikes you can allow you to recharge and help improve your emotional wellness so that you can greet the world with a smile every day.

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Your hot tub can be your personal oasis to help improve emotional wellness


When you don’t feel good physically, it’s hard to feel good emotionally.

Each profession comes with its own suite of body motions. If your job is very physical, your hands, arms, shoulders, or back may ache after a long day. If you spend your day at a desk focused on a computer, you’re likely straining neck muscles due to long hours spent hunched over a keyboard. No matter what your job, you put your mind and body into it in some way and, every so often, you might feel the painful results of every reach and bend when you get home. Your hot tub can provide the relief you need on those occasions and before or after exercise.

The heat and buoyancy of spa water combined with the powerful massaging jets work together to offer wellness benefits through soothing hot tub therapy that can ease body aches and pains. Buoyancy takes the weight of gravity off your joints while the heat of the water relaxes you, softening your muscles so the massage jets can knead out knots and sooth the aches. Each day, you’ll step out of your hot tub feeling so much better than when you stepped in. And when you feel better physically, your mood can follow suit and lift.

A hot tub soak can help soothe tired muscles and improve emotional wellness.


Feeling better physically and mentally often starts with a good night’s sleep. If you toss and turn in bed or generally have trouble nodding off to sleep, turn to your spa for relief. A hot soak about 90 minutes before bedtime can relax your muscles, calm your nerves, and separate the evening from the cares of the day. Plus, the heat of the spa water will slightly raise your body’s temperature, simulating natural rhythms and making you drowsy so that you can fall asleep fast. When you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed and able to tackle another day.

Getting a good night’s sleep will prepare you for anything that comes your way.


Daily pressures can set you on your back feet much of the time, reacting to life instead of enjoying it and anticipating things to come. The whirling uncertainty can leave you harried. But if you challenge yourself to develop a hot tub routine, you might better manage a shifting schedule.

Try starting each morning with a stretch, a light breakfast, and a soak in your spa before going to work or tackling chores. Use that time to mentally center yourself and focus on the positive aspects of your day and your life as a whole. By sticking to a soothing ritual, you’ll be able to respond more calmly and intentionally to the day’s demands.

Use your hot tub to reconnect with family and improve emotional wellness.


If you’re a parent, varying schedules can make it hard to spend quality time together as a family. School work, social events, and the demands of online social networking can make it difficult to get the attention of older children and even invade quiet weekend plans. Plus, family dinners might often get pushed out of the way to make room for sports and music or dance practices.

Finding an activity that brings the family together in planned or spontaneous ways is easier when you have a home hot tub. Even if one child joins you in the spa during the course of an idle afternoon, other family members will find it hard to resist joining in once they return home. Relaxing together can take the pressure out of talking about the things that matter most and bring everyone closer together.

Spending time with friends can strengthen emotional bonds.


The bonds of friendship that grew so strong in college, at a workplace, or when the kids were young can be strained by busy schedules. Sometimes, even finding just a few minutes to catch up with friends by phone can be difficult. As a result, the emotional connections that once sustained you may dim as you see your friends less and less often. But your spa can help spark the friendship light once again.

Invite your friends over for a soak. Your hot tub is a great place in which to socialize, reaffirm old bonds, and strengthen new friendships. Most important, catching up can do wonders for your emotional outlook, reminding you that the people you care about bring joy to your life.

Improving emotional wellness is achieved over time by acting day after day in positive, intentional ways that enable you to care of your body and mind and feel good about yourself. With a home hot tub, you can enjoy a soothing morning ritual every day in your own quiet space, ease aches and pains, sleep better, and enjoy living life to the fullest in every moment.

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