More than just a Hot Tub

It wasn’t too long ago that hot tubs were simply a luxury; a place to throw parties and a pretty backyard ornament that few people owned. Now, hot tubs are becoming a necessity and are changing consumers lives in amazing ways.

In my experience, I have personally been positively impacted by adding a soak into my hot tub into my daily routine. I have picked some of my personal favorite reasons behind “more than just a hot tub” to share with you. Here they are:

A Hot Tub is…

an improved relationship.
Dealing with the stress our daily lives, we tend to bring that negativity home with us and more than not we take it out on our significant other. Soaking in a hot tub is not only an incredible stress reducer, but it is a great place to talk in peace and gives you a chance to engage with each other without any interruptions.

In my personal experiences, you can’t possibly fight in a hot tub. A hot tub is the place to have those difficult conversations that you have been wanting to avoid. A hot tub is a place where you can find your “spark” all over again. A hot tub can be your sanctuary.

more family time, less distractions.
Every single day we are all interrupted by technology. Our children and loved ones would rather send you a snap chat than hold a conversation, and would rather “tweet” about their issues than talk about them. Uninterrupted family time is extremely rare, and that’s where I have to thank my hot tub.

No cellphones, no iPads, no interruptions. It is incredible how everyone opens up in a hot tub, finding out things about each other that we would never have talked about before the hot tub. And not only that, but it is something that we ALL enjoy and that we can ALL agree on as a family activity. I always look forward to family time in our hot tub.

an incredible night’s sleep.
Tossing and turning, endless thoughts racing through our heads, no way to get comfortable, and never getting enough sleep. With how busy our lives are, sleep is incredibly important to rejuvenate and refresh our mind and body. I can tell a HUGE difference when I sit in my hot tub and when I don’t when it comes to falling asleep.

When you sit in a hot tub, your core body temperature is raised, you relax, and you refresh. Try sitting in a hot tub for just 20 minutes every night before you go to bed, and then crawl into bed, lay down, and cool off. It is incredible how your body resets and your mind shuts off and you are able to fall sound asleep.

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