5 Benefits of Trading-In Your Hot Tub

Whether your current hot tub is 25 years old or sneaking up on the end of your warranty, it may be time to consider trading in your hot tub for a new and improved model!

Continue reading for the top benefits when you trade in your hot tub…

1.) Lower Electric Bill
Depending on the brand and age of your current hot tub, you may be spending a lot more than you have to to run and heat your spa. A HotSpring or Caldera hot tub is a lot less than you think to run, EVEN during our brutal winters. If you are spending anymore than $30-$40 a month to run your hot tub, you might want to consider trading up! CLICK HERE for a quote.

2.) New Warranty
Everyone knows that a warranty is a great peace of mind. Here at HotSpring, we cover parts and labor for the duration of your warranty and that comes with each and every new spa. We’ve got you covered!

3.) Better Massage
It is clear that products are always upgrading and by trading in your hot tub for a new HotSpring or Caldera Spa, you are going to be blown away by the one of a kind massage it will provide you. It is unlike any other hot tub on the market. View our selection HERE!

4.) Improved Water
Depending on the age and brand of your current hot tub, you may be missing out on a lot of new technology to improve your waters clarity, comfort, and ease. Products like the ACE Salt Water System make you hot tub more natural and organic, allowing for softer skin and significantly less chemicals. Other products like the Spa Frog system, @Ease, and TRIO also make spa maintenance simpler.

5.) New Design
With new comes prettier! We have so many options when it comes to design, color options, lighting, water features and more. Trading in your hot tub will improve the look of your outdoor oasis.

Whether you are incredibly serious or simply curious about trading-in your current spa, CLICK HERE and we will contact you and determine what your hot tub may be worth.

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